Nick Malenko talks summer’s biggest hair trend.

Start dividing those trestles ladies because braids are back with a vengeance this Summer. Yes- those Braids and twists are a brilliant fall-back every spring/summer, but for 2012 the trend has been given an extra high-fashion twist. Celebs and Catwalkers a like have been rocking everything from soft and pretty Valentino inspired halo braids to the 90s favourite corn-rows. And McQueen models have been opting for heads full of twists and tight beehive braids to really commit to the look.

I spoke to Nick Malenko, one half of the duo behind the infamous Royston Blythe brand, to get the skinny on braids and twists. Salon director Nick Malenko is regularly called upon to deliver fabulous hairdressing to the fortune and fame of celebdom from Katie Perry and Antonio Banderes to Katie Price and One Direction; but, today he gives YOU tips for the season most sought-after style.

Is there a particular braiding/twisting style that you love to do? 

I love to incorporate braids and twists into hair-up styles – to make the hair-up more creative and intricate-looking. They can be made to be a main feature of the hairstyle, or just have a tiny piece of braid visible amongst other sections of hair.

What is the most popular braid/twist style request? 

Last year, the long fishtail plait was really popular, frayed and textured to give it a modern edge. This Spring, celebrities like Scarlett Johansson have been sporting halo braids around the head, which is a beautiful style and will definitely be requested as we go into prom season.

What face shapes can wear what braiding styles? 

Braids are so versatile they can be made to suit any face shape at all. You can make them fat or thin, loose or tight, sleek and polished or messy and undone…. the possibilities are endless!

Is there a style you can give a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to do? 

Knotting is a new and easy take on the braid; tying a cross-over-and-pull-under knot in the hair, the same as you would begin tying your shoelaces. Make a side parting, take two pieces of hair at the parting, and knot. Put the remaining tails together, take a new section of hair from the hairline, and knot with the first. Continue taking new pieces and knotting, working all across the front of the hair, past the ears and around the head. When finished, mess it up and pull strands out to make it soft and modern.

Is there anything our readers should be wary of when braiding/twisting? 

Braiding and twisting can be difficult if you’re going for a very sleek, polished look, but that doesn’t matter because a textured and un-done braid is much more on-trend! Mess it up by running your fingers up and down it, and teasing strands out. Beware of braiding very tightly around the face, unless you’re very young, as this is quite a severe style and can therefore age you. Keep it loose and feminine!

Thank you Nick!

So girls, get braiding and weave through the Summer in style!



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