Rizzle Kicks: Stereo Typical Review

Combine old-school hip-hop with a splash of indie and a slice of electro, and what do you get? Rizzle Kicks – an English duo who have merged mainstream music with niche sounds to create a whole new vibe.

The Brighton-based lads, Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens and Harley “Sylvester” Alexander-Sule may be new kids on the music block, but they have certainly made an immediate impact with their cheeky chappy personas and infectious tunes.

Their debut album Stereo Typical was released in October 2011 and contains the chart hits “Down with the Trumpets”, “When I Was a Youngster” and “Mama Do the Hump”.

Aside from these massively catchy releases, I would personally claim that the nostalgic, sultry sounds of “Dreamers” makes it a stand out track, closely followed by the kooky, circus inspired “Round Up”.

What is notable about this album is that it is just so quirky and different. The usage of traditional trumpets with throbbing guitar and thumping drums sets Rizzle Kicks apart from the rest as they are essentially revitalizing current pop music by injecting it with an archaic twist.

Additionally, the complementary contrast of Harley’s smooth vocals with Jordan’s gravelly rapping makes for a diverse sound that fits perfectly.

Conclusively, Stereo Typical is a fresh and vibrant offering which encapsulates exactly what Rizzle Kicks are about – light-hearted topics, humour and rapid rhymes enhance the charismatic image of the lads, securing their status as effortlessly cool, overtly slick and incredibly charming chaps.


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