2 Broke Girls: TV Review

Have you been watching 2 Broke Girls? If not, then why not?

From the producer of Sex in the City, this US comedy about ‘two broke girls’. Both Caroline and Max are from different backgrounds and have come together to build up their own business.

Caroline is recently found homeless, penniless and ‘broke’ after her multimillionaire father is put in prison for fraud. Max is another ‘broke’ girl who has always been poor, she has two jobs to get by. She finds Caroline working at one of her work places, Williamsburg Diner. They both become friends and have a dream of creating their own cupcake empire.

2 Broke Girls is seen as witty and full of satire the two girls try and raise $250,000 for their business.  The two girls always joke with each other about their lack of money. The fact they have a horse living in their back garden makes it even more hilarious. The writers of the show use jokes without being over the top and keeps it from being offensive.

Each episode we see the girls go through different tasks to help raise money to open their cupcake shop. At the end of each episode we see how much money they raise.

Will Caroline and Max raise the $250,000 for their dream career? Watch the next episode Wednesdays on E4 to find out.

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