Review: Magic Mike

Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer – with a line up like that; there was no doubt in my mind that Magic Mike was going to be a brilliant film.

Now, let’s just leave the eye candy for a minute, and concentrate on the plot. Mike, played by Tatum, is a male stripper who takes Adam, or ‘The Kid’ (Pettyfer), under his wing. Teaching him the way the business works, Mike soon has Adam trained up as one of the performers at the ‘Xquisite’ club in Tampa, Florida – causing much worry to his overprotective sister, Brooke, played by Cody Horn.

Relishing the female attention, money and glamour of his new found stardom, Adam soon becomes addicted to the lifestyle, which causes him to spiral out of control.

It’s ‘Magic Mike’ to the rescue, as he tries to save his friend from trouble, and in doing so finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to Brooke.

There are plenty of gratuitous shots of various male body parts, and credit must be given to the incredible dance skills on show. A special mention also has to go to McConaughey’s outstanding performance. You will never see him in the same light again!

Be warned that it isn’t quite the fun, flirtatious movie the trailer makes it out to be – there’s a somewhat dark undercurrent in parts, but it adds depth to what could otherwise have been a repetitive plot.

Overall, a great film – but perhaps one to see with the girls, rather than your boyfriend!

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