Men in Black 3, Funny as Always Movie Review

Men in Black 3, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, is the third sequel to the Men in Black series. It has been a decade since the Men in Black team has been entertaining us with good humour, action, inspiring performances and special effects. Now with Men in Black 3 this year, it looks like nothing is going to change.

We have Will Smith as Agent J, who still tickles us with his popular one-liners. Tommy Lee Jones as grumpy Agent K entertains us with his heroic tales of saving earth. There are aliens which still use New York as their hiding place from other creatures – you would have thought by now that they would have learned their lesson, alas no.

Jemaine Clement as Boris is a new addition to the list of characters in Men in Black 3. In the movie, Boris, a.k.a the Animal, has escaped from the Lunar prison in search of Agent K to settle scores.

But Agent J is adamant on saving his partner and the whole human race. He tries to safeguard the future by travelling back in time. The time travel takes us down memory lane to the USA of the 60’s witnessing the Apollo 11 launch. The settings, style and feel of the 60’s USA in the movie are really well done and credit must go to the director for making you feel for a second that you are back in time for a moment.

Apart from the Smith and Jones combination that made the Men in Black movies entertaining, MIB 3 has more. We see the Agent J and younger Agent K (played by Josh Brolin) bond this time. Brolin is very convincing as young Jones and  Will Smith is at his best as always.

As for the special effects, Men in Black 3 gives you a run for your money, although the 3D effects in the movie do not compliment the story. But if you are an ardent Men in Black fan, you will certainly enjoy the movie in spite of the minor flaws.

We give Men in Black a 3.5 rating of  3 out of 5.

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