Viva Madrid, places to go in Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain and also it’s largest city. Apart from being the hub of the government, Madrid has historical structures and entertainment which attracts tourists by the millions each year. Here are a fee travel tips to remember when planning a trip to Madrid.


When to go

Realistically, there is never a bad time to visit Madrid. However, the climate can be quite extreme with 3 months of heat and 9 months of cold. The hottest month is June followed by August. The temperature generally is 30 degrees Celsius. The coldest months are February and January with temperatures dipping to 10 degrees Celsius. April or spring time is best suited to travel here.


Where to go

Madrid offers a wide range of activities to do and sights to see. Along with historical destinations, there are other things that tourists can indulge in to feel the true spirit of Madrid.

Among the most visited museums in Europe, is the Prado Museum. Visitors of the Prado Museum can admire the Venetian, Flemish and Spanish schools displayed here.

If you are looking for a night of dancing and good music, you can step in to Madrid’s most famous nightclub, Tupperware. With an attentive and entertaining staff, this nightclub plays the latest music to old retro numbers including indie rock. Tupperware will not let you down, even on a week night.



As in most places, the prices for drinks depend largely on the place you are in. Road side eateries cost less while posh restaurants cost more. Aerated drinks can cost from £3 to £10 while cocktails can cost from £7 to £14. To get around in Madrid, you will require a taxi. Taxis in Madrid charge € 1.95 between 6am and 10pm from Sunday through Friday.

Between 10pm and 6am taxis charge € 2.95. There are several additional charges that are displayed inside the taxi. So be alert when you are travelling and make sure the driver puts the meter on. Madrid also offers several museums for which there is no entry fee.

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