Graduating: the start of the beginning

These are five top tips aimed at future and current graduates. An easy, quick read to help lead you to success:

  1. Look for work opportunities everywhere and anywhere. Work experience really is invaluable, be it paid or unpaid. It can often be found in the most surprising places, including; online websites such as Gumtree or Friday Ad, the back pages of magazines, meeting a contact on public transport or addressing companies. Work, whatever line of work (within reason) will provide you with an experience and possibly further qualifications or skills. This is great for self development and future employees.
  2. A CV is a statement about you and your educational background. As a media student my CV is tailored to represent me in a creative way but also to professionally showcase my achievements to date. A CV should be molded to fit one job not them all, so make sure your CV is adjusted for every job application. Be aware a lot of companies are looking for specific qualities or skills so make sure your CV contains the buzzwords they are after.
  3. Keep a book or electronic copy of contacts. Building relationships with people should never be underestimated, there is great truth in; it is not what you know but who you know. People are always valuable and in the long awaited future you may need to call upon that graphic designer or caring home assistant.
  4. Apply for jobs everyday and make sure you stand out. Use a specific font and stick to it, use a coloured envelope and create your unique impression on a company. Even if you do not get the job the first time round, keep in contact with that person. Jot down their name and title within the company; it may come in useful when reapplying. Name dropping can get you places and yet again reinforces point number (3) keep contacts close to you.
  5. Stay focused and determined; all goals are achievable and dreams really do come true. Enthusiasm never grows old.
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