Huge Image of Athlete Jessica Ennis near Heathrow Welcomes Olympics Competitors

In keeping with the Olympic excitement, London now has a huge painting of athlete Jessica Ennis on a field near Heathrow. The painting is set up in Hounslow at the Thornbury Playing Fields, situated three miles away from Heathrow. More than 600 litres of blue, white and red weatherproof paint was used to make this painting, taking two days for completion.


‘Welcome to Our Turf’

The painting will welcome competitors arriving in London as an introduction to the 2012 Olympics. The painting reads ‘Welcome to Our Turf. Home Advantage’ and was created by British Airways. The painting measures 173 feet by 246 feet and is larger than 15 tennis courts put together. The image was taken from Jessica Ennis’ picture where she is seen wearing the Great Britain kit, designed by Stella McCartney.

Jessica Ennis London 2012 Olympics

Jessica Ennis London 2012 Olympics

In a recent statement, Jessica Ennis said that she was excited about the people arriving in London for the games, who would inadvertently see her face first. She also said that the painting promises to thrill Brits and also serves as a message for competitors that Britain is ready for sporting action. The home supporters are most devoted and will support the United Kingdom throughout the Games, she said. Based on confirmed reports, Jessica will be taking part in four events in Birmingham as part of the Olympic trials. She is set to partake in high jump and the 100 metre hurdles on the 23rd of June Saturday, followed by the 200 metre hurdles and long jump on the next day.


Kate Johnson says painting can be intimidating for competitors

In a statement, former American Olympic rower Kate Johnson said that the painting could intimidate competitors as well as amuse them on their arrival to London. She said that based on what she experienced when she arrived at the Athens Games 2004; the first sight of the city is what retains in your memory. The moment before touch down is when the excitement really sets in. This painting is sure to keep competitors on the edges of their seats.


British Airways supports home team 

Luisa Fernandez, sponsorship manager for British Airways, said that irrespective of whether a Briton or a competitor is entering London for the 2012 Olympics, the painting shows the strength of the home crowd. It also urges Britons to support Team Great Britain and Paralympics Great Britain, she added.

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