Music Review: Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware

It’s always nice to poke the cattle rods on a new fresh piece of meat. I’m not being crude at all, but it’s nice to welcome Jessie Ware into my eardrums. She already has three previous singles in her resume. As well as kindly giving vocals on a  SBTRKT track. All three singles charted within the stratosphere (in the distance sense, not in the successful sense).

That maybe about to change for the good though, as her new effort called, named ‘Wildest Moments.’

The track has received critical acclaim and has generated a lot of exciting buzz around the airwaves. Comparisons can be made between her and the likes of Florence Welch, as they both rely on powerful vocal performances. As that’s what’s strongest with this track, the vocals. Jessie is able to pull off an almost haunting vibe, especially after the thunderous drum beat to kick start ‘Wildest Moments’. The ability to make it seem so effortless also stands out.

The instrumentals are stripped to bare necessitates to provide enough breathing space for Jessie to let loose. It becomes gospel-like when she sings ”baby in our wildest moments , we can be the greatest.” The metronome-esc drum beat is more than enough to keep the song flowing like a summers day at Niagara, especially in moments when unfortunately Jessie falls silent. Sometimes, nothing too complicated is needed. And I suppose she has to breath at some point.

Jessie Ware Wildest Moments

Jessie Ware Wildest Moments

If you comfortably tuck her into the current singles top ten, as of this week, Jessie Ware will stick out like a horse on an airplane. But I appreciate that, it’s good to break the mould in contemporary.

It’s also amazing that someone steadily approaching the age era of her late 20’s hasn’t  been given a red carpet curtain call sooner, as this is the first time that I’ve been drawn in her direction. It obvious that Wildest Moments’ echoes the phrase of better late than never. That’s probably her philosophy. Ultimately, this track is well received and begs for plenty more hands-outs from the girl. 9/10.

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