Nas: Keeping Hip Hop Alive

Whilst listening to the new single by Nas it took me back to the good old days of Warren G, Ice-Cube and MOP along with all the other classics which were a part of true hip hop history.

Nas is the only lyrical genius that has managed to keep hip hop alive, this is evident in his latest album ‘Life is Good’ where he raps about what is on mind, not about money, women or cars, he raps about history, about his daughter and uses quotes such as “…Prophet Muhammad said the ink from a scholar worth more than the blood of a martyr…” this is a famous quote known in the Muslim religion.

His beats are not from the usual mainstream music that we now hear everywhere but it sounds old school with a slight hint of something new.

Nas life is good

Nas life is good

Listening to ‘The Don’ has brought back the true essence of hip hop and if you have ever listened to any of his previous rap songs then you will know that he always has stayed true to his roots. He is not a ‘sell out’ which is what many people now refer to other artists who have not stayed with the genre and instead become commercialised and mainstream just to sell as many records as they can.

On the latest album ‘Life is Good’ Nas features a song with the late Amy Winehouse. The song ‘Cherry Wine’ brings together two raw talents that exploded in the studio. Listening to the voice of Amy Winehouse is a reminder of a talent gone too soon, she still had more to give to the world musically. You can almost feel the magic of her unique voice.

‘Life is Good’ is a highly recommended album for the true hip hop lovers out there. If you haven’t got it, get it.

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