What’s the best way to wear Florals?

What’s the best way to wear Florals?

The thought of a busy, floral patterned garment can be quite a daunting thought if it is not something you are used to wearing. People feel that the patterns can make them look larger than they are, it sometimes it appears to wash them out, or simply they have no idea what to pair with it. This season, Florals are one of the key fashion staples so I think it’s time that people face the fears and learn how to wear the florals.

Floral garments can be one of the easiest garments to wear as long as you follow some key tips:

Preen Autumn Runway 20121.    Wear either floral top/skirt or dress. Never pair a floral top and skirt together even if you think it looks okay. One floral garment needs to be the main focus point of the outfit, mixing too much together can look over powering and you can get lost in the outfit.

2.    If you wearing a floral blouse or skirt, it is important to pair them with plains. This is absolutely essential as then the floral garment will become eye catching and striking.  If you have a floral skirt, pair it with a blouse which tones in with one of the colours in the skirt and the same method applies for the top. This will make the outfit look polished and well pieced together.

3.    If you are wearing a floral dress, pair it with a simple garment like a denim jacket or a cardigan which tones in with the dress.  The denim jacket or cardigan creates a more casual feel to the outfit.  To make the outfit appear smarter you could wear a Dolce & Gabbana Runway Autumn 2012tailored jacket so there is a more polished appearance. Finally depending on the weather and the event, the dress could be worn alone without a form of a jacket.  This can make the dress appropriate for a smarter event or a casual day out.

4.    Wear some simple jewellery. If you have florals on wearing a huge statement necklace or bracelet won’t work.  Simplicity will finish the outfit off perfectly.

5.    Finally, love your outfit; feel confident and fabulous in it. Have a huge smile on your face and you will rock it.


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