The Top Five Axl Rose Feuds

If you’re a fan of 1980’s hard rock, then you surely would of heard of the Guns &  Roses front man, Mr Rose. He was the creationist behind singles such as ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ and ‘Knockin’ On Heavens Door,’ but in his spare time, he made sure he ruffled a few feathers. Therefore, it’s out of respect that we look back at his finest, anger triggered moments.

Number 1: Axl Rose vs Slash
Nothing could ever top fighting your own band member.  This feud, which led to the eventual separation of the band after 1996, was according to Slash caused because of Axl’s disrespect towards his fellow band members, and the fans. The two slugged words back and forth, with Axl going on record saying that Slash is a ”cancer, better removed and avoided.” In fact, it got so bad that after rumours surfaced of a reunion between the two in 2009, Rose stated that the two will ”die before a reunion,” even though Slash has said in the past that if Axl apologies, then he would reunite the band.

Number 2: Axl Rose vs His Own Fans
Only a bloke like Axl could get into several tender situations with his own fans. Troubles have arisen on numerous occasions, with everything from Axl apparently telling security to kick fans out of gigs if they wore a Slash t-shirt, to being ridiculously late for his own shows. In 2010, Guns & Roses were two hours late to their headline slot at the Reading Festival, according to The Guardian newspaper. The lack of attention to his time keeping have even led to riots. During their supporting role in a 1992 August show at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, Axl complained that his throat hurt and his band left the stage early, leading to some fisty-cuffs between the irate audience afterwards.

Number 3: Axl Rose vs Kurt Cobain
It all started back in the early 90’s. Axl asked Kurt if Nirvana could open for them, to which Kurt said no. The tensions that arose then heightened. At the 1992 MTV VMA’s, Kurt Cobains partner at the time, Courtney Love, jokingly asked Axl if he would be their daughters godfather. Axl then asked Kurt if he would tell his ”bitch” to shut up,” to which he then challenged Kurt to a fight. All this whilst Kurt was holding his young daughter, Frances Bean.

Axl Rose

Axl Rose

Number 4: Axl Rose vs Bon Jovi
An altercation between the two occurred in 1986, at a Hyatt hotel. According to different sources, it was either Jovi who called Axl a ”scumbag,” or the reverse. This led to a speech in 1987 made by Axl Rose often named the ‘Axl Blues’. Whilst on stage, he suggested that Bon Jovi could nibble on a said body part. Since then, Bon Jovi has gone on record and called Axl a ”freak show.”

 Number 5: Axl Rose vs James Hetfield and Metallica
This all start back in 1992, when the two bands were touring together. After the riots in Montreal which started with Guns & Roses cutting their set early, Axl suggested to the media that James Hetfield, of Metallica, was racist because he removed Ice-T’s Body Count group from the tour. This was after James gave an interview with The Rolling Stone magazine, in which he said Guns & Roses were just ”a guy, and some other guys.”

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