Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Give your hair a bit of summer lovin’ by keeping your hair colour as scrumptious as when you first dyed it. Whether you’re influenced by Rihanna’s red or Gaga’s blonde; see if you can really shatter glass with your high notes.

1. First thing’s first: DO NOT wash your hair right away. In fact, experts say to wait at least two days before washing your hair after dying it. Cuticles may lift and colours may fade, without going into details – not a pretty sight. So trust the experts okay? If you’re paranoid that your hair will grease up before two days are over, work in a bit of dry shampoo to keep your hair soft and fragrant without compromising your new colour.

2. Seeing as it’s “summer”, make sure that once dyed you keep your hair either well away from sunlight or you properly protect it from UV rays. Cover up with a hat, scarf – or simply stay in the UK by the looks of things, to make sure your hair stays safe! If by some miracle you do catch a glimpse of sunlight, don’t run straight outdoors and soak it up, because your hair will too. Lightly spray on some UV protection solution – it’s as important to fashion as sun cream is to not burning. If you’re rocking the blonde look this summer, a cheeky squirt of lemon juice in your hair is said you work wonders! Try it?

3. Do not trust any hair colouring agent that says it will last longer than 4 weeks. Most that claim that they do can damage pigments and can seriously harm the condition of your hair. Similarly, don’t over colour your hair, more than one packet of dye or overly frequent dying can have the same effect.

4. To maintain your healthy glow, experts recommend using a colour-protection shampoo, in the place of your regular shampoo. They’ve been designed especially to preserve your colour and to keep it safe from damage and deterioration. Most established brands have a colour-protection version, Pantene, Tres Semme, etc; all the favourites.

5. Finally, when it’s approaching that time when you should really re-dye your hair, or perhaps it has long past that time and you still haven’t had time; simply squirt on a bit of root concealer that matches your colour and nobody will suspect a thing. Sneaky, but think about it, who isn’t in the fashion world? All the best fashion icons are.

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