Top Ten Beauty Tips for the Beach

Having fair, sensitive skin has been a constant problem when it comes to holidays. I love the sun, but my skin doesn’t. These are just a few tricks that will give you a confidence boost for the beach.

If you find the consistency a little too thick, add a drop of moisturiser when you apply to minimise streaks

1.) Gradual Tan

I’ve never been a fan of fake tan or sun-beds, so how can you get around the problem of being pale before you have a chance to soak up some sun? I love Summer Glow by Dove (pictured on the right): it’s great for sensitive skin and the tan is very natural. One of the major issues with fake-tan is the smell, but this has hardly any, and if you apply in a circular motion there’ll be no streaks. If you start applying a week or two before you jet off, you’ll fit in perfectly on the beach.

2.) Eyelash Tint 

I am a firm believer in limited make-up on the beach – there’s nothing wrong with it, but one  swim in the sea and you’ve got mascara running down your face, as well as very obvious foundation lines. An eyelash tint before you go away is a must-have – most salons do these as part of a summer package, and the treat will really give your face a lift, minus the panda-eyes.

This Ombre style is a great summer look and really easy to do – e.l.f have got some brilliant new summer shades and tutorials

3.) Gel Nails

Tatty nail polish looks awful no matter where you are, but with the sea water and chlorine mixture it’s the first thing to go. If you can’t bear the thought of going natural with your nails, I’d recommend getting some UV gel nails done just before you go away – they normally last about two weeks before they begin to chip, but with the constant water application I’d say a week to a week and a half.

4.) Moisturizer 

Invest in a decent moisturizer before you go away, preferably with a good SPF rating. The key to sun-kissed skin is to keep your skin hydrated. Make sure you’ve got a plentiful supply of bottled water to hand too.


This is a great substitute for foundation if you want a natural look, but you can use it as a primer for your normal foundation if you feel you need more coverage

5.) Tinted Moisturizer

Once you’ve hit the beach for a few days you’ll start to see your skin turning a healthy golden brown, so you can switch to a tinted moisturizer to give a proper holiday glow. Most out there that I’ve tried boast a “dewey-glow” which ends up looking greasy, (the last thing you need.) I’d recommend VitaZing by Origins (pictured on the right): it smells gorgeous and will give your skin that little extra glow to go with your new tan.

6.) Eye palette

It’s best to stick to subtle shades when your on holiday – pinks, golds, pastels. I’d suggest investing in two eye palettes: one with some browns and golds, and one with some brighter colours incase you fancy branching out into some tropical greens for the night. This gives you a great variety, minus the mountains of make-up which adds to your suitcase weight.

7.) Lip tint

A simple tinted lip balm or tint can work wonders for your summer skin. You don’t need to go overboard on the make-up when you have a natural glow, so stick to pinks and light browns. If you’re feeling particularly glamourous though, you can stretch to a deep plum lipstick. A pair of large sunglasses complete the look.

8.) Bronzer

Bronzer can be your best friend on holiday. Not only can a light shimmer dust highlight your cheekbones with no need for foundation, but if you mix it with some moisturizer it works as a great temporary white line hider for those strap-lines. When you get back, swap the bronzer with some fake tan, and no-one will know the difference

Try to do a facial mask at least once a week to help with cleansing – no more blackheads or breakouts

9.) After-sun

It may seem simple, but you can keep your tan longer by investing in some aftersun. Even when you’re back in wet and windy England, the aftersun will continue to work its magic on your tan. Remember to keep moisturizing the area if you want it to sta

10.) Exfoliator

This helps with the peeling problem. One of the worst things you can do when you get back is to scratch your well-deserved tan away. If you use an all-over body exfoliator, it will remove the dead skin cells without taking away the colour – it will fade slightly, but it will be far more even and last longer. There are plenty on the market – Body Shop do some really nice ones, but for the face I would recommend Turnaround Instant Facial by Clinique. It will cost you a little extra but the results are well worth it.

Well, that’s it. I hope these tips and tricks help you on your holidays this year.

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