What Britain does Best

There are many countries to visit in the world, each as unique as the next, and with so little time to visit them all our own country often gets overlooked.

Driving down the motorway to your destination may never seem quite as exciting as flying but there are some great things to see and do. So when you can’t quite afford a flight or just have a free weekend it’s worth considering some of the things Britain does best –


My recent visit to BT London Live only confirmed how well we do festivals. Perhaps it is the opportunity to spend a day drinking outdoors that makes us embrace the idea so fully. Or it could be the diverse amount of music and arts we both have and attract. You can find cheap London hotels on Expedia to enjoy this Festival. BT London live, is in essence an Olympic festival, incorporating all of the things you’d normally expect – various stages with live music, headline acts, food stalls, bars, other over-priced activities and drunken people singing loudly whilst waving flags. Much the same as the well known festivals like Glastonbury and Reading. Whatever draws people to these events – they are always packed with people thoroughly enjoying the unique atmosphere only found at festivals.

Beaches and Cliffs

Our climate may mean the weather isn’t always as good but our coasts can be just as breathtaking as any foreign beach. The white cliffs of Dover are only the start of a line of stunning views and the rock pools have always been a favourite for young and old alike.

If you are a keen surfer or even if you’ve never tried it, you’ll always find a wave to suit you– particularly in the South West. From quaint seaside villages in the rural Devon to the loud and brash Blackpool, the British seaside attracts a wide array of visitors.

Museums and Galleries

London alone has over 300 museums to choose from and every base is covered. If history is your thing, most cities in the country will have their own museum and of course there is the British Museum in London. This even made it to number 72 on Absolute Travel’s list of the top 100 places to visit in the world and it is right here in our own backyard! If you’re willing to search around you’re likely to find a museum display on pretty much anything you could think of from mental health and witchcraft to pencils and lawn mowers – yes really!

Walking the Great Outdoors

This is a particular favourite of families and the older generation, possibly because it’s normally free and easy to do. A huge advantage if you’ve a collection of children to amuse.  There aren’t many places in Britain that don’t have some area of green around to suit most walking abilities.

If you’re willing to travel the must visits would be the Lake District, Loch Ness, various coastal paths and the South Downs. Those more adventurous who are looking for a bit of a challenge may prefer the Pennines in northern England, Ben Nevis in Scotland or Snowdonia in Wales. As well as being enjoyable and often free, you also have the benefit of knowing you’ve done some exercise!

All in all, despite what many people think, Britain has many great activities and places waiting to be explored.

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