How to get Photogenic Foundation

Streaky, orange foundation is every woman’s nightmare. Getting that flawless finish may seem difficult without the aide of an air-brush gun, but here’s a great run-through of the best products on the market that will give you a red-carpet effect.


1. Which foundation is for me?

Top tip: wear a hair band when applying so you don’t get foundation in your hair-line (it has the same consistency as combing out lots of hairspray)

I have the worst combination skin there is – dry yet oily and very sensitive. The best idea is to go to your local counter and get a proper analysis of your skin type, but the two I have found that give a genuinely flawless look are by MAC and Dior.

Select SPF 15 Foundation by MAC has a higher level of coverage, but a much better consistency than their lighter equivalent. It also means it’s more adaptable to the occasion (just apply less during the day, or more for a heavier night-time look). It’s easy to apply over the face, as, despite being a liquid, it isn’t at all runny.

The other alternative is Dior Airflash. This gives incredible results but it is more expensive, so if you’re feeling extravagant the best idea is to buy MAC for everyday use, and the Airflash for special occasions. It works just like an aerosol spray can, and was invented to give women an air brush effect at their fingertips (which we would all love). It’s actually a powder, but because of the pressure in the can it spreads evenly and moves like a liquid on you’re skin. It’s also the fastest I have ever been able to apply my foundation – shake, spray, finished: literally three seconds. Remember when applying to cover your hairline though or you’ll end up combing it out of your hair.

Both of these products give brilliant looks but how do you apply them streak free?


2. The right tools for the job

A good set of brushes are really important. If you don’t want to break the bank, the one brush you can’t cut back on is the foundation brush, (and the blusher if you can stretch to it). I always use the MAC Duo Fibre brush in large and small. This is the best design I’ve found, because the fibre structure means you dip the liquid onto the flat surface of the brush, and far less foundation is wasted by getting stuck in between the hairs, which is what happens with a concave edge.

When applying the MAC foundation, I do large strokes along the whole of the face giving a good coverage with the smaller brush. Then, go over the face again with a dabbing motion. The important thing here is the coverage – the rest of the strokes will be removed in the next step.

Airflash is completely different; use very light strokes (even fingertips) to move around the foundation once it’s been applied until you’re happy with the coverage.


3. Blusher

The Cremeblend collection has a lot of options, including if you want a bronzer effect, but for a subtle summer look I like to use a bronzer powder with a slight shimmer, like Elizabeth Arden’s Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder.


No matter what foundation you use, you always need to define your cheekbones. I use Cremeblend Blush by MAC, in Posey. As you can guess from the name, the texture is perfect for blending and it comes in a variety of tones. Take the larger duo-fibre brush and dip it two or three times into the blusher. Lightly dab the Cremeblend along the apples of the cheek on both sides, then use a circular motion to work it into the cheek.

Don’t worry if it’s a little too rosy! We will take care of that next.


4. The finish

This is where you can afford to cut-back on the spending. To give a matt-finish you need to go over your face with a large face-brush, like a Powder Brush from e.l.f (only £1.50), and a basic face-powder. Just take a little of the powder onto the brush and do large circular stokes across the whole of the face, but starting with the apple of the cheek to work the blusher into the skin. Remember to drag the brush down the neck too; nothing ruins the photogenic look like an orange line from ear to ear.


So there you have it – four steps to flawless foundation. No more shine or streaks, a killer lipstick is all that’s left to add.

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