Brow-sing the new eyebrow statement – too far?

It has been said that you notice the eyes first when you meet someone new, but with the new trend of statement eyebrows it won’t be hard to miss the fact you have something stuck to your face. This is where I would start asking some questions.

Flicking through a good few fashion blogging websites, I notice a few of these fashion fanatics have mentioned this fall’s new fashion lines and trends. They range from waist line enhancing clothing to mixing goth and sports luxe together. But the one thing that stood out to me the most was the new design of statement eyebrows that have been shown on Chanel’s runway this year. Embellishments.

When Jessie J and Jennifer Lopez endorsed the lip gems and prints in their video’s, I thought they were pretty cool, making a new unique and quirky fashion rebellion. However, the runways now have shown us that they have taken it to a new level by introducing this trend to the eyebrows.

To us women, the shape of an eyebrow is actually important. As shallow as it sounds it does define us between an untidy cave-girl and poised lady. The brows also gives definition to the face. So why on earth would attaching materials, bright colours and wacky designs to our two shaped friends make us look more feminine? In my opinion it would make us look a little silly.

Chanel upped their ante when they changed the elegant vamped look and decided to bejazzle the dark dramatic brows that have been editorial and the public’s favourite over the past few seasons. With Chanel being one the world’s biggest trend setters, the new definition of statement eyebrow could come upon us.

For me.. it all seems a little bit too far. Let’s try and be honest, if we saw someone walking past us on the street or on a night out, would we really want to copy sticking embellishments on our brows for the fashion kick?

Statement eyebrows have been around since the 90’s, so the phenomenon of the perfect shape, size and colour is no stranger to us. But I do think the new craze of crystal inspired eyebrows should stay taboo and on the runway for now until everyone is good and ready to replace their eyebrows with material. Next, we could be seeing embellished face masks.

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