A Fresh Start – University, Are You Going?

Are You Attending University?

On the 16th of August, myself and the rest of the country will discover a missing piece to their future. A-level results will be released resulting in jubilation or commiseration depending on the small letters that hide away in an envelope. It got me thinking about a fresh start at university and how I will be adjusting to this life. There are so many points that I need to consider such as: Where am I going to live? What will my flat mates be like? Will I be able to get a job or will I forever be in debt? Or will I enjoy my course? All of these questions are simply worries that can’t be dealt with until I’m physically at university. On top of all that I will be socialising with complete strangers.  These worries and anxieties are completely normal and are part of the process to joining university.Unfortunately for me I will be paying the full tuition fee of £9000 a year and on top of that my maintenance loan doesn’t even cover my rent at university. This means that I will want to make the most out of my experience to gain the best results that I can.  Once I begin my course it is vital that I make every day an opportunity for a successful future. This may mean joining societies and clubs or volunteering for a cause that may provide good experience.

During my UCAS application, I managed to persuade myself that I was not going to go to university and would spend the rest of my life working. During this difficult time I felt a massive pressure from my 6th form to attend university with little alternatives, especially for academic students. It lead me to feel that there was no other option for me. However, I feel that the opportunities university should present to me will be once in a lifetime. As I see the Enjoyment spread across my friends’  faces when I mention ‘university’ , it convinces me that little bit more that it is the right step I am taking.

University may be incredibly expensive and seem out of reach for some of us don’t get me wrong, but when I consider on the flip side the benefits it presents for my future, there should be no turning back. It provides irreplaceable experience and chances that we may never get to grasp between our hands again.

Watch this space!

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