Book Review: I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk

By Carla Regan

Angela Clark returns in the fifth and final installment in the I Heart series, and this time, she’s coming home.

Being summoned back to England means returning to warm beer, rain, and the ex boyfriend she ran to New York to get away from. Leaving her beloved Big Apple behind, Angie finds herself heading across the pond to suburban London, so what could go wrong?

There’s her best friend Louisa, and her terrifying new baby, her mum, still talking to her like she’s a teenager, and her dad taking up new recreational hobbies in the garden shed. Everything’s gone a bit mental – and having left her gorgeous Alex back in the States, she fears falling back in to the re-run of her old self.

In between giving a presentation that could change her career, a few eccentric New Yorkers, and a wedding in a backgarden, Angela Clark still manages to maintian her outrageously witty and sparkling out take on life, but will all the madness keep her on her own turf?

This was a brilliant read and perfect for bedtime. If you think your family are mad, you’re mistaken.


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