Golden Girl, Sarah Storey delivers Team GB’s first Gold.

The Velodrome once again has been treated to British supremacy as Sarah Storey wins Team GB’s first Paralympic Gold medal.

Storey beat Polish rider Anna Hawkowska to claim her 8th Paralympic gold medal, which spans over two sports, track and field cycling, and swimming.

The noise and energy that can be created in the Velodrome is one of the most special atmospheres that have come from the summers festivities. Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott got hearts racing during the Olympics, and it hasn’t taken long for similar scenes as Storey got the home crowd on their feet.

Sarah Storey wins gold

Sarah Storey wins gold

In the heat leading up to the final, Storey posted an incredible time of 3:32.170 setting a new world record in the process. In the final of the women’s Individual C5 pursuit, Storey was just as impressive. In a simple equation of a cat and mouse chase, the Manchester born rider knew that if she caught up with her Polish competitor the race would be over, and gold would be claimed.

It was a great start from Storey who immediately set off for her target, at around the 1,500 mark and almost half way Storey had Hawkowska in sight and it wasn’t hard for her to overhaul her competitor, and with that help release a deafening cheer from the stands.

Storey hasn’t let her disability get in her way; she was born without a functioning left hand after her arm became entangled in the umbilical cord in the womb. She has gone on to have a fantastic career as a Paralympian.

During the 1992 Barcelona games, Storey made her Paralympic debut at the tender age of 14 where she signalled her intent of becoming a paralympian legend. She won two golds in the 100 meter backstroke and 200 metre medlay. A further three silvers were claimed in the 400 meter freestyle, 4X100 meter freestyle and 4X100 meter medlay. A bronze was also brought home in the 100 meter freestyle. Four years later in Atlanta she repeated her success, as she won 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

In 2005 Storey changed sports and switched to cycling giving herself three years to train in time for the 2008 Beijing Games. Once again Storey delivered and finished off with two golds, taken her tally to 7 in time for London 2012. It didn’t take long for gold number 8 to come, and spectacularly at that. Come the end of the Paralympics, Storey is expected to add to the 8 she already possesses.

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