Hundreds support Prince Harry with a “naked salute”

Scores of troops and their wives are stripping off to show their support for Prince Harry after what happening in Vegas last week didn’t quite stay there.

Over 23,000 people have joined a Facebook group asking you to “Support Harry with a naked salute”. Thousands of soldiers and army wives have  donned their birthday suits in support of the young prince who has faced a barrage of press coverage and a Royal telling off this week. The idea behind the group? If anyone, Prince or otherwise is risking their life for their country then what’s wrong with them having a bit of fun?

Rob Lovelace, Liam Green, Alec Penney, Declan Costello-Fenwick, David Scott and Mark Shaw show their support from the front line.
Photo courtesy of “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!”

Terrie-Ann Wright posted “Army wife and proud. I salute you Prince Harry” along with her picture in only a camoflage jacket and white knickers. But it was Lisa Bushell uttered the resounding cry of the group: “If you can fight in Afghanistan you can get naked wherever you choose in my book. We salute you Sir!!!!”

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