Don’t let the winter blues hit you just yet – Check out these make-up trends!

English Rose Look

Being a girl that is incredibly obsessed with fashion and make up, it is my duty to remain on trend. The last few days of summer have been coming to a close, the high street clothes stores are full of winter stock and suddenly the colours of fashion around us have transformed. No longer are we plagued with neon colours and pastels, instead we’re faced with blacks, greys and khakis. Along with the colour change of fashion trends, the make up trends have also been transforming before us.

This winter there are a few trends that really stood out to me. Firstly there is Vintage English Rose or another name for it is Healthy Glow. This trend focuses on Flushed rosy cheeks, bare eyes and stained lips. You may be using this look without consciously knowing as its so classic. This one is my favourite as its safe but still beautiful. Imagine Kate Winslet in Titanic and you’re there.

The next beauty trend favourite of mine would have to be Bold Accents. This trend focuses on using a bold flick on the outer lid of each eye, with quite a 60s feel using bright colours. The only downside to this look is the fact you need a steady hand or a good technique. Also, never pair bold accents with bold colours elsewhere on the face, this will keep the attention on your eyes.

My final favourite make up trend has to be the classic red lip. Anyone can pull this look off. I’m not sure if this counts as a changing trend as it manages to wiggle its way into various seasons time after time. Think more Rihanna for this trend as she adds some risk to it.

Play around with these winter trends and see which one fits your personality best. Look to a celebrity icon with similar tones and features to see what will look the most flattering on you, this is my top tip. Plus it’s a time saver!


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