Restaurant Review – Bombay Delight, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham.

There is a saying that you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover but I have to admit that I’m as guilty as the next person of doing just that, so, where is this leading?

Being a big fan of Asian Cuisine I was looking forward to sampling one of the newer Indian Restaurants in town.  Opening on what is fast becoming known by locals as the Golden Mile of Curry houses on Nottingham’s Maid Marian Way was always going to be a brave move and so we had high expectations.

Passing the likes of the well known and more established restaurants such as ‘4550 miles from Delhi’, ‘MemSaab’ and ‘Cumin’ we arrived at our destination for the evening –  ‘Bombay Delight’.  On first impressions we were more than a little disappointed.  The small rectangular restaurant looks a little more like a local community centre than a City Centre dining experience with stark white walls, checked vinyl flooring and vertical blinds drawn wide open for all to see.  From the exterior and upon entering you can see the chef cooking on a little stove.  It’s a nice touch but really only benefits those outside or those ordering takeway, it’s just a shame that, unlike in some restaurants, you can’t see him whilst you dine thus bringing the entertainment element to your evening.   On the plus side our waiter was a friendly, helpful chap and therefore we decided that if his enthusiasm was anything to go by things could only improve.  So it was with heavy hearts and low expectations that we took our seats for the meal and ordered food which we fully expected to leave.  Having said that the restaurants website does boast that the chef is ex ‘4550 Miles from Delhi’ so maybe the proof really is in the pudding – or in this case the Curry.

The restuarant advertises Desi style comfort food  from which for our starters we chose Vegetable Samosas and Lamb Kebab with which were were pleasantly surprised.  Both dishes were hot, fresh and tasty and so we greatly looked forward to the main course and we weren’t disappointed.  The restaurant caters for Vegetarians so we were able to order a Vegetable Balti and for the meat eaters a grilled Chicken Tikka which came with a separate sauce – perfect for anyone watching their waist line. Both dishes were cooked to perfection and the freshness of the blends of spices used in the restaurants authentic style cooking really made these exceptional dishes outshine many of the competitors. Depending on your appetite you can also choose from a number of side dishes from the extensive menu, we chose the Saag Aloo, again another fantastic dish or you can finish your meal with an ice cream from their selection or a hot drink.

It wouldn’t take a lot to turn this restaurant around, in terms of decor.  If they were to visit somewhere like the Bombay Brasserie in Mapperley, Nottingham and take note of the rich colour scheme  they couldn’t do far wrong.  Some dark wooden flooring along with dark wooden blinds and a few pieces of Asian inspired art on the wall  would make a huge difference to the ambiance.  In the meantime I wish them well.  Their food is superb and on our walk home with full belly’s as we passed the competitors this time we couldn’t help but feel a little smug at finding this little gem of a restaurant. Good luck to them.


For Reservations contact the Restaurant on: 0115 8370797

Opening Hours – 7 days a week 5pm- 12.30am

Location: 77 Maid Marion Way, Nottingham NG1 6AJ

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