Album Review: Two Door Cinema Club ‘Beacon’

The follow up of their first album, Tourist History which came out way back in 2010 was always going to take some time to perfect, but after a long time coming it is finally here. Two Door Cinema Club have unveiled their new album Beacon, but uber fans may have already heard some of the electro pop bands new material from festivals and even the London Olympic opening ceremony.

Originally from Northern Ireland singer/ guitarist Alex Trimble, guitarist/ singer Sam Halliday and bassist/ singer Kevin Baird make up this unique band, Trimble and Halliday met in school then later met Baird through mutual friends. They skipped the university years to create Two Door Cinema Club in 2007 releasing their first EP in 2009. It wasn’t until the song ‘Something Good Can Work’ was released that they were established as a great band, this becoming something of an anthem for the trio at every festival they attended.

The new album, Beacon has Two Door written all over it, exploding tunes and fickle sounds coming from any instrument possible makes it a successful second album, just maybe not quite as successful as the first. You cannot argue that Two Door’s skills lie in their lyrics, the song Next Year speaks as a promise, “Maybe someday you’ll be somewhere talking to me/ I’ll be home for next year.”

There are not a lot of different sounds from Two Door, if you put their two albums together you would find it hard to place the songs, the two years they’ve had to develop their sound further seems wasted. That is not to say that the songs aren’t pleasing to the ears, the album has a strong opener with the stomping sounds in Wake Up to the subtle guitar strings of The World is Watching.

Two Door are still a band in progress, they’re only on their second album and any listener will know they still have more to show off as a band. Download the album, it will bring back memories of the first and give you a great soundtrack to what is left of your summer.

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