Music review: The Widowmaker

Intrigued by the name? Well the mystery does not end there; in fact it is only just the beginning. The Widowmaker, or better known as Ian Easton, is a talented musician, songwriter and performer. Having played at acclaimed festivals such as Purbeck Folk Festival, Glastonbury and Bestival; he is definitely one to watch out for.

The Widowmaker’s style is individual and captivating. His sound is a delightful concoction of folk, blues and a little touch of ‘groove’. To listen to his voice is truly mesmerising and without realising, you are instantly gravitated into his world of beautifully written prose and sensational guitar sounds. Listening to his unique sound will certainly give you goose bumps. Each note is effortlessly executed and the raw emotion behind each and every word makes his music extremely powerful and atmospheric. You could easily listen to The Widowmaker while driving or camping around a warm, ember glowing fire; although no responsibility is taken for the smiles, joy or happiness created by his music.

Widowmaker singer

His songs often explore the magical alongside the ‘life mix’ of reality vs. the disillusionment of the modern world. If this baffles you, then listen to The Widowmaker, he has the answers contained deep within his satiric and often ironic lyrics. One of my personal favourites, entitled ‘Black Monday’ is an upbeat, hypnotic song set within a magical, fantasy forest. However, beneath the tempo, are underlying themes exploring relationships, binary oppositions and a man’s thoughts slowly and strategically unfolding.

The Widowmaker’s intricate guitar playing is a pleasure to watch and he is a natural performer, striking in appearance with his black rimmed glasses and leather boots. His long awaited album, The Wink and The Gun features ten charismatic songs and is definitely a must have for Autumn. To find out where The Widowmaker is next performing visit his Facebook page, or for frequent updates follow him on Twitter (@TheWidowmakerUK).


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