Are you an Inner Introvert?

‘We’re heading out after work for a few, you coming? If this is a question you dread, then you to are an introvert. Welcome the club. There are alot of us, some out and proud and some still in the ‘oh my, I’m so loud’ closest. Don’t be ashamed.

Firstly, an Introvert is not a bore. We often get mistaken for ‘quiet’ or ‘shy’ but this is so very wrong. Shyness can mean anxiety, aprehension or nerves, all of which have no relation to being an introvert Enjoying time on your own doesn’t necessarily mean we are depressed. We enjoy our own company. Whereas our loud bolshy cousins the extroverts may come across confident it’s typically all an act. From my personal view anyway. I could be wrong, maybe they aren’t all like that the same as we aren’t all yawnsome.

We choose our friends carefully, a bit particular when it comes to sharing our inner-most secrets to people. Dave from work doesn’t really care that you went to a carvery for your moms boyfriends birthday. We speak rationally and honestly unlike extroverts who would more likely to say something for a response. We might not be ‘liked’ but we are respected. Personally I’m proud of being an introvert. I either like you , or I don’t. There’s no inbetween with us.

Occasionally we do rebel, we go out for drinks with work friends even though we really don’t want but because we don’t like to offend and we do find ourselves have a good time, begrudgingly. That’s due to the fact we like nights in rather than nights out, but WITH friends, real friends.

We aren’t rude, arrogant, boring or shy. And we don’t prefer the company of cats  grandmas. Well, sometimes cats. Majority of the time with cats.

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