The Top Ten Rider Requests

When you’re a rich and famous rocker, the world will often fall at your feet. But when artists put together their rider, some ask for the most ludicrous of items. Here are my top ten.

10. Eminem
Whilst at a festival in Northen Ireland, Eminem asked for a wooden pool to be constructed to house his koi carp. A trip to the aquarium just doesn’t do it for some.

9. Cher
It’s a popular fact that Cher requests a separate room to house all her wigs. Imagine the cleaners surprise to open the door and to be confronted with the looks of a forgotten Furby collection.

8. Nicki Minaj (probably not on her rider, but still)
Very recently at T In The Park, Nicki Minaj was left irate when she found the grass outside her dressing room was way too long. And apparently it’s was not the first time she had asked for it to be cut.

7. Guns & Roses
Pornography. Lots and lots of adult magazines. I don’t need to say more.

6. Paul McCartney
To set the mood before a live show, Paul likes to surround himself with six full leafy floor plants. But no trees. Never anything with tree trunks.

5. Van Halen
A Van Halen rider in 1982 said that they wanted packets of M&Ms, but with all the brown shelled ones taken out. The E numbers can’t be good for concentration then.

4. Foo Fighters
What gives Dave Grohl the energy to prance and rock on stage? Cup O Noodles. But apparently, only on a Wednesday. Is this the new Atkins?

3. Elton John
What Elton enjoys most on tour is a large collection of flowers, and 74 towels. Yes, 74 exact.

2. Axl Rose (again)
The infamous Axl Rose is known not to be so easy going. Imagine being one of the backstage crew, when you’re asked to find a square watermelon.

1. Arctic Monkeys
Perhaps the best request on any rider, and blatantly for the humour. The Arctic Monkeys once asked for a novelty yo-yo, a novel of the venues choice and a box of Special K. Brilliant.

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