Ayia Napa – Not for the faint hearted

Ayia Napa is a sandy beached resort in the far east of the southern coast of Cyprus. It consists beautiful blue skies throughout the day, with temperatures reaching nearly 40 degrees celsius and surrounded by friendly local people.

On the other hand it is known as the party capital for 18 – 30’s, most popular for it’s cheap alcohol deals, pool parties and all nighters. And I am writing this review for the readers today, to share with you my amazing experience in the town of Αγία Νάπα.

Nissi Beach

Before I went, people kept telling me that Ayia Napa were raising their prices because they were becoming the ‘new Ibiza’. That is was €30 nearly €40 to get into clubs. But this wasn’t the case, I only ever paid €10 euros once to get into a club on my first night. Every other night, lots of clubs would offer you free entry and drink deals just to get you in! There are lots of clubs and bars to go to on the strip, adventure round to find your favourite ones.

Food is cheap too, big meals are a max of €15 euros each, which includes a starter, main and drink. If not, there are lots of alternatives in little shops if your not up to eating, like noodles, pasta, fruit and more. There are nice little shops too, which include all the basics if you’ve got too excited and forgot essential things, like suntan lotion, flip-flops, towels etc. Which are relatively cheap too! For the whole week €600 lasted me, and I came home with €50. Which altogether was £500. But if I didn’t splurge out so much I think less would have been enough.

Throughout the days, we mainly lounged by the pool, catching the sun, went to the beach or attended activities. Remember to set aside money to go along to arranged parties and excursions, the max amount you will have to pay out for each is about €50. But I promise it is all worth it.

Ayia Napa, is not recommended as a family resort, in my personal opinion. With loud music played all day and all night it wouldn’t seem ideal.

Here are my top five things to do in Ayia Napa within your stay!

5. The Bell
This bar was located on the strip and played everything from dub step to RnB to grime. It was our place where we pre-drunk every night, and was extremely cheap. €3 for a vodka mixer and a shot. With a mixture of a good crowd and music you couldn’t help yourself but dance to, it got you raring to go for the rest of the night when it closed at 2am.

4. The Fantasy boat party
This boat was incredible. Again it played amazing music and has a special treat for the ladies, as a stripper comes on board! Although it got extremely rocky at the beginning and towards the end, it only adds to the enjoyment. Lots of games are played and it stops off at swimming points for you to jump off and have a swim around. Warning: wear swimming gear and waterproof make-up for girls and be prepared for knocks and spilt drinks.

3. Tssokos Hotel Pool Party
Tickets are only €10 and with this we get a whole bottle of champagne to yourself and you get to splash complete strangers for fun. It’s so good and the DJ plays a great set. This was one of my favourite things in Napa, and would of happily gone to one every day of the week. So make sure you go!

2. Nissi Beach
Our hotel was based on the strip, so we had to get a taxi there, which was only a couple of euros each. And this beach was golden! Lots of sun beds, food stalls and excursion stands to keep you occupied. And even a nice man selling fresh juice walks around, which was lovely, again at a cheap price. Banana boats, pedlos, the lot are available too. This beach is definitely worth a visit if you go, not just the local beach down the road.

1. Kandi beach party
All I have to say is: best night of Ayia Napa. €50 a ticket but completely worth it! You meet at Havana bar where you’re given you’re own t-shirt to cut up. (I was no fashion designer at this – my friends had to step in and help) . You then walk to the bus which takes you to the beach where there is a free bar. Yes, a free bar. Lots of activities and dancing goes on, and everyone is so friendly because they’re excited to be there too. Warning: Crude behaviour on stage. If you get embarrassed easily, stand towards the back of the beach, or stick to the bar! This beach party was definitely a winner for me.

I must admit, the holiday blues have kicked in, but I will strongly recommend Ayia Napa as a party holiday for a group of girls and lads – I will certainly be returning!

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