The Seven Wonders of Online Shopping

As a self-confessed shopping addict, I believe that online shopping is an ingenious creation. Buying clothes at just the click of a button – it really couldn’t be easier!

  1. Shop whilst you sit: Whether you’re still in your pyjamas or you’ve just returned home from the gym, you can shop online from the comfort of your own home. So no need to get dressed up and make the long trip into town. You’ll also save on petrol and public transport!
  2. Home delivery: Simply type in your address and your purchases will be delivered directly to your door. From next day delivery to even choosing your own allocated time slot, you don’t have to wait days for your clothes to arrive. And if like me, you don’t particularly enjoy having to pay a delivery charge, a lot of retailers offer free delivery if you spend a certain amount on their site. Even if you do end up paying the charge, it can be justified by the fact that you probably would have spent the same on travel!
  3. Hassle-free returns: Specific retailers adopt a returns policy where your unwanted item will be collected from your own home. In most cases though, you can save yourself that trip into town and take your item to the local Post Office. There’s also no worry of explaining the reason why you are returning your purchase to the shop assistant!
  4. Save your card details: At the online checkout, there is the option to save your card details (confidentially). So if you ever choose to return to that site, then there is no need to enter them again. You can literally just click to buy – simple! However, this can also be a risky move for the avid shoppers amongst you as it can be more tempting to impulse buy when you’re feeling bored!
  5. Shop anytime: Store opening times can be a problem if you can’t make it to town in time after work or a busy day. Some of you may have had that feeling of being in a shop a few minutes before closing time, where the shop assistants are silently wishing you would just leave so that they can go home. But with online shopping you have the freedom to shop any time of day and even in the middle of the night! So you can shop at your own pace and pleasure. Nobody likes to feel rushed whilst shopping.
  6. Avoid the queues: Seasonal sales and Christmas and New Year are when the shops seem to be at their busiest. There’s always a mad rush as people transform into animals before your very eyes, scouring the rails for a bargain. Then by the time you’ve joined the queue (that’s nearly as long as the Great Wall of China), the joy element of shopping has disappeared and all you want to do is go home. By shopping online, you don’t have to endure this uncomfortable experience or get in the way of angry shoppers!
  7. Convenience: If you’re in a rush or you’ve forgotten something that you need the next morning, shopping online is the perfect solution. Quick, easy and convenient. The only way I could rave about it even more is if I literally shouted from the rooftops…
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