Album Review: ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ by Spector

Classic indie is reborn in this album by up and coming band Spector, from London. To them it’s ‘nothing you haven’t heard before’ but to an emerging young indie audience it is a welcome flashback to when indie was at its height. Lead singer Fred Macpherson makes his mark on an industry marred by failure and one-hit wonders with his distinctive, memorable voice.

Their quirky album cover perfectly encapsulates the tone of the album paving the way for what is a rollercoaster of emotions, banter and unmistakeable confidence. Bizarrely, the album was pieced together by no less than four different producers. Such a risky move could easily have been the downfall of the band but for a majority of the content tracks flow seamlessly. It gives away little as to which tracks were produced by whom. However the transition between Celestine and Grim Reefer is clumsier – not as convincing. Yet this is only a minor distraction in what is otherwise thoroughly entertaining music.

Before any sign of the album being released, five of the twelve tracks were presented as singles. Was this yet another risky move? Some questioned whether too much had been leaked; whether any further releases could stand up to the platform laid out. Nevertheless, clever edits to tracks meant the five-piece were ahead of the critics and with seven new songs it all still feels fresh.

Spector announced their entrance onto the music scene with a punchy opening through ‘True Love’ and round it off impeccably with a gentler track of ‘Never Fade Away’. The rest of the album is interspersed with a litany of lyrics designed to provoke thought, humour and nonsensical dance-a-longs.

Its catchy lyrics make this album difficult to forget. Although likened to a plethora of fellow indie rock artists, Spector has a unique quality that could only manage to enhance what may be a surprisingly successful career. Only time will tell their longevity in the industry, but confidence is something they aren’t short of. They just need to ensure that their borderline arrogant public personality does not hinder their achievements.  So to paraphrase Fred Macpherson: if you want it, you better go and find it.

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