Are chat shows ruining our comedians? Chatty Man review.

I don’t think so.

Alan Carr sprang onto our screens in 2005, all camp and glorious with his truth style comedy that we could all relate to. He swore, but wasn’t on an ASBO level. He spoke about sex, but wasn’t vulgar and he became everyones gay best friend. He topped lists of ‘fantasy dinner guests’ and secret crushes, toured the UK, won lotsa awards and eventually Channel 4 gave him his own chat show.

His loveable personality and great hosting skills make Chatty Man a pleasing watch. But Alan is a comedian, not a chat show host and this is where critics step in. He talks to guests like a best friend and isn’t afraid to over-step the mark, but this is okay because it’s Alan Carr. He once infamously groped Kim Kardashians infamous bottom and makes jokes about disabilities with the Paralympic heroes.

If chat shows were to ruin on comedian I would say it has roughed up John Bishop a little. The scouser who’s trademark gags revolved around the fact he was divorced has his own BBC1 show  (already a bad move by Bishop, BBC1, comedy, really?!) discussing Britain, by Brits. The show is currently in production for a third series. Yawn. I’m not slating him personally, he’s a funny fella and has raised an incredible amount for charity but he lacks the personality of Carr.

But back to Northampton born Alan. Along with his best pal Gok Wan, a great performance by P!NK and the paralympians the 9th series kicked off with a lot of laughs. As long as our comedians can cope, stick to BBC3 and Channel 4 and avoid the unfunny terrestrial cousins and if they keep me laughing, I’ll keep on watching.

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