Let your individuality and creativity shine through with ‘Haute Casual’

This pretty prom dress is very affordable from H&M. No designers needed here!

You can jump up in excitement; London Fashion Week is well under way. Beautiful trends have flowed past us down the catwalk created by amazing designers and their teams for 2013 fashion trends. We’ve seen outstanding shows so far from Erdem, Louise Grey, Mulberry, Nicole Farhi and many more. Being a bit of a fashion critic I enjoy spotting out various future trends. However, previous seasons’ predictions are coming into play this month for Autumn/Winter 2012. A favourite of mine for this season has to be ‘Haute Casual’. This basically translates into ‘expensive clothes that are supposed to look incredibly effortless and thrown together’. This trend does not give one the excuse to grab their favourite tracksuit bottoms out of the back of the wardrobe and pair them with a creased hoody.

Cashmere appears to be one of the favourite materials for this season involving calming colours of cream, brown and grey. However, the adaptation of wool

will suffice for us poor folk. Relaxed silhouettes are incredibly important for this style to give of a kind of nonchalant projection.  Haute Casual provides you with the image of a metropolitan yet elegant sense of style.  Chose a pair of ankle swinging silk trousers with a lose fitted cream jumper whilst finishing off with a pointed pair of classic heels. You can play around with prints in this style; however it is advised that you keep the patterns to a minimum. If you do decide to incorporate prints into an outfit,

simply ensure that the rest of the outfit is free flowing over the print to maintain a casual look. When channelling the ‘Haute’ side of your creation, use prom style dresses layered with various warm tones of knitwear. Enable your outfit to flatter your shape by showing off your best bits such as your small waist in a prom dress or toned pins in a pair of cigarette chinos. Use waist belts to really pull you in.

This affordable knitted jumper is only from Topshop at reasonable prices.

Combine this affordable trio to complete the Haute Casual look. Rouching the knitted jumper under the belt will ensure your waist is exposed enough to show a slight silhouette. This outfit will be slightly busy, so if it is less intimidating,

finish this outfit with a pair of black ballet pumps. If you’re daring enough, grab your best pair of pointed heels. Metal capped heels will add a slight touch of modernity. It is easy to get too casual with this autumn trend so make sure you let your creativity and individuality shine through.

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