Part Two: Freshers’ Fashion Essentials

Last week I brought to you my top 10 Freshers’ Beauty Essentials; this week I bring you my top 10 Freshers’ Fashion Essentials.  I know from experience that when that first instalment of your student loan lands in your bank account it’s tempting to hit the shops and go on a massive shopping spree for new clothes, worrying about the fact you have no money for bills and a decent meal later.  This little guide is here to help you just buy the essentials.  Key items that will help get you through the year, and leave you enough money left over to still feed yourself and pay for the heating…

Berry Swing Coat; £69.00 from Dorothy Perkins

As the new term starts in the Autumn, a coat is essential for those walks to and from university.  I would highly recommend investing in a high quality, cosy coat to keep you warm through the winter months like this Berry Swing Coat from Dorothy Perkins.  It has a lovely shape, creating curves for us ladies, and the colour is very appropriate for the season ahead and the upcoming festivities, which are fast approaching now.

Black Peplum Dress; £11:00 from new Look

Especially in your first term at University, you’ll be going on a LOT of nights out, what with you having a whole new city to explore!  Although it my seem like I’m stating the obvious here, but an LBD is the perfect item for hitting the town in.  You can never go wrong in a little black dress, and it’s so easy to style in different ways simply with the accessories you use.  Peplums are really popular this season, and suit all shapes and sizes, creating curves for girls who need them, and hiding any lumps and bumps that a curvier girl may want keeping under wraps.

Black Skinny Jeans; £14.99 from New Look

You’ll need some basic trousers for day-to-day wear, whilst you’re in lectures or studying in the library.  Something as simple as these skinny black jeans are perfect for this.  Jeans like this can be dressed up or down, and because they’re black they can be paired with pretty much anything.  The skinny style suits most body shapes, and is definitely the most popular style of jeans at present.

Blue Lace Blouse; £30.00 from Dorothy Perkins

Some of you may be looking for a part time job to help fund you through University.  If this is the case you will want to invest in a smart top for heading to interviews.  Something like this would be perfect.  This blouse can be adapted to more than one situation.  Once you’ve bagged that part time job, you will be able to wear it for nights out, a hot date, or even at your new place of work.

Edge Paint Bowling Bag; £36.00 from Topshop

A bag will be essential to carry all those heavy library books about whilst you’re studying, so you’ll be looking for something pretty big and sturdy.  This one from Topshop looks like it is most certainly up to the job.  The colour gives it a real professional feel, and the shape looks perfect for carrying your books and other essentials around.  If it starts to get particularly heavy as the work load grows, you even have a long strap to wear it over your shoulder and take some of the strain away.

Fairisle Cardigan; £29.99 from New Look

As the winter months set in it can get cooler and cooler in those lecture theatres, so make sure you have something to wrap up warm in, like this fairisle boyfriend cardigan.  Fairisle is always a big trend in the winter, and this one touches on the neon trend as well to add a little bit of edge to it.  This cardigan is perfect for throwing over any casual outfit to keep yourself feeling toasty.  Also handy for those times you can’t afford to pay for your heating bills!

Top Hat Moustache Tank Top; £9.99 from New Look

Sticking with the casual vibe that we seem to be going with here, you’ll also need some casual tops in your collection too, just for day-to-day wear, or for pottering around your dorm.  I purely picked this top because I love the moustache craze that is around at the moment.  I can’t help but smile when I see a top like this.  They’re so easy to wear as well.  This top ticks all the boxes for a casual day look.

Mink Platform Courts; £55.00 from Dorothy Perkins

Now for all of those nights out you’re going to be going on you’ll need a pair of heels to dress up that LBD of yours.  A nude pair like this would go beautifully.  Nude is a great alternative to black, which will go with pretty much anything.  The court shoe is such a versatile style of shoe, which will work with most looks.  As this court has a hidden platform, it means the heel isn’t as high for your foot as is actually looks, which means no nursing sore feet the following morning.

Tan Brogues; £40.00 from Aldo

You’re going to need some shoes for wearing everyday, which will need to be comfy for walking around in.  Brogues are huge at the moment.  They’re comfy to wear, but also dress up any casual outfit and add something a little different than your usual ballet pumps.  They are quite a masculine style of shoe, however, they really pull a look together with a few key feminine pieces.

Tiger All In One Nightwear; £34.00 from Topshop

Finally, no student is complete without a onsie!  When you’re having a hangover day, or just a lazy PJ day, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in an all-in-one.  I love this one; it looks so warm and cosy and it even comes with a hood so you can hide yourself away on those days when you just want to be left to your own devices.  you know, when you’re supposed to be writing that 5000 word essay, but you just happen to get distracted by an entire series of The Hills…

So now you have this two part article to hand, you should be fully prepared for your new start at university.  Finally one more bit of essential advice that will get you through your studies for the next three to four years; make sure you enjoy every moment of it…

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