Beat the winter blues!

Hold on, I hear you say. “Calm down, it is only September.” Yes! Exactly, let us nip it in the bud before it has a chance to take over. We all know we will start being bombarded by the ‘winter blues’ but we shan’t let it beat us. How can we avoid it?

Set your alarm that bit earlier giving your body a chance to stir and wake up gradually. There is nothing worse than rushing around in the dark winter mornings. This will not only make your mornings feel more relaxed but you will be prepared for turning the clocks back on 28th October 2012.

Winter Blues

Sign up to an exercise class (once a week or more frequent if you can). This will mean you are getting regular exercise and not succumbing to television and comfort eating during the winter months.

Dedicate one evening to a hobby of yours, be it creative writing or playing your guitar. Sometimes our own interests and hobbies can be neglected in winter.

Eat well and make sure you are having a balanced diet. My personal favourite for the winter months is, of course, the British casserole. It is very easy to prepare and cook; you can include an abundance of vegetables (turnip, suede, carrots, potato, sweet corn, mushroom, turnip, onion, leek etc.) and a meat of your choice, my favourite is definitely chicken!

Embrace the beginning of winter and go on a (modest) shopping spree to update your winter wardrobe. Buy the appropriate clothing to keep you warm and snug throughout winter.

Finally, cross your fingers and toes and hope it snows! Well, perhaps the last request is just a personal one.

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