Has Never Mind the Buzzcocks got its groove back?

This week’s Buzzcocks reminded me of the hilarity of  classic episodes in the days of Lamarr and Amstell and of course the wondrous Bill Bailey. The last few series have floundered with the lack of a regular host and the loss of Bailey but the latest episode that aired on 24th September reminded me how funny the show could be.

For a start the panel was better than any in the last series with team captains, the legendary Phil Jupitus and half raven half goth Noel Fielding accompanying Sarah Millican whose career seems at its height right now, pop punk hero Mark Hoppus, Olympian Greg Rutherford (who doesn’t love an Olympian?) and the standard forgettable popstar who can’t remember his own lyrics, “Fazer” from N-Dubz. And then hosting we had the ever fantastic Kathy Burke. They even had the legendary Nivana baby in the line up.

Including some wonderful moments like Hoppus correcting Justin Bieber’s grammar, Millican fondling “Fazer”(I can only assume his real name is Dave) and coining “Motherfucker Care” (Snoop Dogg’s new range of children’s clothing… apparently) as well as Rutherford getting incredibly offended at the suggestion that he likes karaoke the show was hilarious from beginning to end. It wasn’t awkward and stilted like many recent episodes and didn’t try to insert a weird little skit with Jupitus and Fielding in the dressing rooms before the beginning of the episode; an annoying trend from the previous series. Although they did begin with an amusing homage come parody of the Olympics with the “Never Mind the Buzzcocks Opening Ceremony”.

All in all the show seemed to step up its game once more and hopefully with Example talking the helm this Monday this trend will continue, bringing the pop panel show back into the limelight.

The episode is still free to watch on BBC iPlayer until 7th October.

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