The Lucky One – DVD Review

Girls will love this slushy, romantic chick-flick; especially with eye-candy like Zac Efron playing the leading role.

However, that may be where the fan-base ends, as most men will surely find the longing looks, tender kisses and sweet compliments a bit too much to bear. Author Nicholas Sparks adds yet another boy-meets-girl love story to his works, although fans of his hit The Notebook (2004) will be disappointed as this isn’t quite up to par.

The film itself is predictable, as most soppy love stories are, and the casting of Efron is a strange one; he plays a traumatised marine veteran who has survived three tours of duty, yet he looks more like a male model. A few scenes of that particular male model without a top on certainly make up for it though, and the chemistry between his character Logan and that of Taylor Schilling (Beth) is palpable.

Logan has tracked Beth down to the dog shelter that she runs with her grandmother (Blythe Danner) and ten-year-old son, with the belief that she is his guardian angel after finding her photograph in the dirt following his survival of a particularly harrowing blood-bath whilst on duty. As he can’t bring himself to tell Beth the truth right away, he begins working for her and before long he has developed bonds with all three members of the household.

However, there is one person who isn’t pleased to have him around; Beth’s aggressive ex-husband Keith (Jay R. Ferguson), who also happens to be the chief police officer in town. Keith making things difficult for them only adds to their troubles, as Beth’s ultimate discovery of the photograph of her that Logan carries around almost spells the end of their romance. The photograph is one that Beth had given to her brother when he went on a tour of duty himself, before he was killed in suspicious circumstances.

However, the fact that this film was previously a romantic novel, means that Logan and Beth eventually sailing off into the sunset together doesn’t come as a surprise. The DVD doesn’t come with amazing special features, just a couple of behind-the-scenes featurettes on Taylor and Zac’s chemistry and how Zac became a marine.

So, Logan has survived three tours of duty and Beth has met the man of her dreams. Remind me who’s The Lucky One again?

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