Music Review: Ellie Goulding – Halcyon

Ellie Goulding has returned with her second studio album, simply entitled ‘Halcyon’.

The album opens with  the haunting track, Don’t Say A Word, giving listeners an eery taste of the unique music that is about to come.

The title refers to a mythical bird, believing to have the power of calmness. This sense of tranquility is evident throughout the whole album, particularly on tracks such as Dead In The Water and Joy.

There was much speculation before Halcyon was released as to whether Goulding’s real life boyfriend and DJ, Skrillex, would have any kind of influence over the album. The electronic, dance vibe people have been expecting is definitely present, particularly on tracks such as I Need Your Love featuring Calvin Harris and Only You.

This album comes as a pleasant surprise. Goulding is undoubtedly more confident in her musical style and ability on this second album. She has also managed to incorporate a more modern, dance style into her tracks whilst still backing them up with incredible vocals. After the success of Lights in 2010, Goulding seems to have retained her unique style, including tracks like Halycon and My Blood, the kind of Ellie Goulding anthems that people have grown to recognise and love.

Although darker than Lights, the twenty five year old is sure to enjoy much success from this more ambitious, emotional effort of an album.

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