Album Review: RuPaul – Glamazon

Artists come from all different walks of life, its a part of what makes music so great. But I’ll be honest; it’s not every day that you think of reviewing an album by a drag queen, but RuPaul is anything but your standard drag performer. As well as being a musical sensation, RuPaul is an actor, model, author and not forgetting presenter of one of America’s most addictive reality TV shows, RuPaul’s Drag Race, all traits which certainly set him apart from the rest.

RuPaul has been making music since I was in diapers and his fifth studio album and most recent release, Glamazon might have been on the shelves for over a year, but it has by no means reached its peak. The album itself is a brave fusion of 10 pop, dance and hip hop tracks that collectively run just over forty minutes and hears RuPaul teach us about inner-strength, confidence and self-acceptance.

The album begins with the appropriately titled ‘The Beginning’, a uplifting dance number where the chorus demonstrates the importance of seeing today as the start of new opportunities: “This is the beginning/ the beginning/ this is the beginning of the rest of your life”. An infectious tune that is almost impossible to forget and undoubtedly worthy of single status.

The title track is a sassy and edgy beat that could easily contend for itself in a mainstream chart. The high energy dance number immediately exposes RuPaul as an artist, sums him up as a performer and effortlessly makes reference to his hit reality TV show. With lyrics like “She so wild so animal/ she’s gonna work that sexy body so sexual/ she’s like a female phenomenon/ she’s a glamazon/ female phenomenon” this track can put anyone on the runway.

The longest track on the album, ‘Responsitrannity’, despite the cheesy name, is one of the standout tracks on the album as it elegantly displays the vocal abilities of RuPaul. While the second half of the track may break into what can only be described as a Meatloaf style ballad, the song is a vulnerable journey of self-discovery with lyrics such as “It’s your responsitrannity/ don’t forget/ don’t forget who you are”.

‘Live Forever’ is another dance style track with a message about strength and love: “Time will slip away but love will save the day”. While the track is something we’ve all probably heard before, the tracks repetitive beats and simplistic lyrics make it that bit more addictive.

Given the nature of RuPaul’s profession, many would expect this to be nothing more than a novelty album, but the result is anything but. The album is bursting with personality and RuPaul’s androgynous tone helps create an album that is both witty and relatable. However, those unfamiliar with RuPaul and his journey may have difficulty connecting with the album; but all in all, Glamazon is an album that will certainly have you ‘lip-synching for your life’.

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