Beer and Tuxedos!? James Bond to drink beer?

Plans made over the new James Bond film “Skyfall” to scrap the sophisticated Martini, “Shaken not stirred” and replace it for a Heineken (Dutch) beer.

When finger was put to typewriter and a master crafts of spy wonder was created by the famous “Ian Fleming” I don’t think he had in mind a thuggish, no brainer, beer guzzling bond. It seems however to be increasingly pointing in that direction ever since the bond franchise was given a face lift/new start back in 2006 in the film “Casino Royal”, starring new 00-hunk, licence to eye roll in lust, “Daniel Craig”.

The film had a great narrative starring a younger more vulnerable bond who had recently received his 00 status. This explained certain absences like no Miss Moneypenny, no Quartermaster (Q) and no gadgets. Although secretly (and as sad as we may be), many of us true bond fans missed these old aspects that made bond, bond. The film did however include the same old comforting (yet strange) villains the bond franchise has produced since 1953.

Moving on. This small disappointment of no Miss Moneypenny, Quartermaster (Q) or gadgets was soon to become somewhat annoying when the next instalment, “Quantum of Solice” was released in 2008.

James Bond Heineken beer

The film commenced without the famous trademark of a gun barrel being pointed at bond before blood protruded down the screen as his enemy’s life was terminated. Instead, genius (Kite Runner) director “Marc Foster” thought it was ok to just throw it at the end before the credits. Along with this, fight scenes were silently produced, possibly to add more “realistic” effect. Instead, the resulting effect felt more like watching a high budget soap opera fight. Oh, and on top of all this, still no Miss Moneypenny, Quartermaster (Q) or gadgets.

Foster also managed to unveil some of Craig’s personal traits, including his stiff acting skills and slightly unwitty remarks.

On the upside, Solace made up for the car/plane chases Casino Royal missed out on and didn’t disappoint in its fluid fulfilling action. Foster did forget some vital parts however. For one: Bond is an agent, a “00” agent. Meaning he should use his expertise and intelligence to hack into buildings in a discrete manner with minimal disruption. Instead, he now breaks down doors, shoots all that get in his way and makes maximum disruption to all his surroundings.

If someone were to ask me what words described bond in 2008, Rambo/Thug possibly comes to mind.

Now we are soon to commence to the new 2012 instalment named “Skyfall”, where director: “Sam Mendes” and producers: “Michael G. Wilson” and “Barbara Broccoli”, raised my brow in managing to bring back some “old school” bond, us sad, old school bond fans have been missing out on. The bond tune, to start; written by the amazingly talented Adele holds both a chart and youtube sensation with around “16,000,000” youtube hits and number 4 on the “Radio One Official Chart” after just three days of its release!! The talented craftsmanship and vocals bring back these old school vibes along with memories of bond classics such as: “Diamonds Are Forever”.

And, to add to all this wonder they’ve brought back Q! Meaning gadgets! Except a more refreshing, younger Q. Which actually makes sense as bond is supposed to be younger. But further a more believable Q, as it’s still hard to imagine a pensioner having prestige knowledge on top high tech gadgets.

The point of my discussion however was to highlight an issue. One key mistake made during the production of bond. The producer and director have scrapped the old (sophisticated) martini “shaken not stirred” and replaced it with a Heineken (Beer), purely for the purpose of sponsorship. So any aspects of “old school bond”, brought back to the table, have just been slaughtered with this paralyzing truth.

Bonds trademark has been replaced with beer. Need I say more on the issue?

Well possibly. As this isn’t the first time major flaw has been noticed in the bond franchise. It has been worse. “George Lazenby”, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, where his performance and the film were criticised to a point of him never returning to the role. And still, remaining the only actor to have starred as bond just once.

This appalling film was corrected by the outstanding film “Diamonds Are Forever”. So if drastic changes to rid the franchise of huge mistakes could be made. Equally, minuscule corrections like bringing back a martini are more than possible.

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