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Five minutes with Abbey Clancy…

This is one lady who certainly knows a thing or two about looking good, timeless and fashionable, model Abbey Clancy attended the closing night of Liverpool Fashion Week, to cheer on little sis, Ellie Clancy and cousin Chloe Cummings, who both modelled in the show. Enviably, the beauty looked every bit as good as she does when she presents the fashion on This Morning. We got down to business and talked A/W ’12 trends, must-have beauty products and her naturally black hair!

Abbey Clancy


Which Collection of Liverpool Fashion Week did you most enjoy tonight?

To be honest, I’ve just come to support my cousin and my sister, but I’m always interested to see what the Liverpool Fashion Week has got to offer. It’s always a good night. It’s the first time I’ve been to Liverpool Fashion Week but its been good.


Lets talk Autumn/Winter trends, what has caught your attention this season?

I love, love, love leather! I’m a big fan of leather. So, lots of leather and also lots of lace! I do love baroque as well though- all that Victorian style.


How about Autumn/Winter ’13 makeup and hair trends, any in particular that you are trying out?

Well actually I’m trying to grow my colour out at the moment! I do want to stay blonde but I’m looking for a change. Maybe go a little darker. Generally though, I just love messy undone hair! As for make up, I just like a good mac foundation and a nice thick brow-not a ‘scouse brow’ though (laughs) not a fan of that.


So you said you want to stay blonde for now but would you ever think about going brunette in the future?

Well my hair colour is actually naturally black, well nearly black! But I’ve been blonde for so many years I’m just too scared to go dark because I know I can never go back!


Who would you say are your fashion and beauty icons from the past and the present?

I am a massive Bridget Bardot fan! I love her. My fashion icons now…I love Blake Lively, and the way she dresses, I just think she is gorgeous, she always looks amazing, dead girlie and sexy. And of course Kate Moss always looks amazing. And love Miranda Carr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Abbey Clancy


If you were on a desert island and you only had one beauty product…what would it be?

Oh it would have to be my Lancôme juicy tube! It’s amazing, I just can’t go anywhere without it!


What is your the high street store you are loving right now?

I love Zara; I can absolutely always find something that I want there! I like HM though too, I like them all really-I’m a big high street girl really but I would say Zara is my favorite! Especially if I’m looking for a blazer or a big handbag it’s great for that.


Now I know it’s a bit early but with all the spring/summer ’13 fashion weeks just rapped up, have you seen any trends that you already love for next year? Any tips?

(Abbey gets excited!) Ooh what did I see, what did I see… A lot of neon, a lot of laser cut leather… silvers, a lot of structured suits, and LOVE the new Yves Saint Laurent campaign with the big hats-that was amazing and I love the little black dresses with the bow ties, I love that!

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