Skyfall review

“Not just a killing machine, more of a personal statement” Ben Wishaw’s Q tells Bond as he hands him his gun during Skyfall and this is exactly how the movies feels.

This movie isn’t just a random sequence of deaths and mindless action like Quantum of Solace, Skyfalls feels more personal to Bond fans, almost like an apology. Bond goes back in time for Skyfall and in doing so he goes back to his best.

Daniel Craig

Skyfall starts with your usual pre credits opening sequence followed by a fantastic set of opening credits and the beautiful theme song performed by Adele. But unlike other Bond films, other than a brief period in Shangai Bond spends the whole film chasing one villain around London. The film almost feels as though Bond is trying to reaffirm his identity, remind us all what made us fall in love with him in the first place.

Littered with references to previous Bond movies, Skyfall feels like a celebration of Bond in his 50th year on the big screen and what a celebration Skyfall really is. It is evident that director Sam Mendes is a Bond fan through and through and he has really put his all into reaffirming Bond’s status as everyone’s favourite MI6 agent.

Some critics have hailed Skyfall as the greatest Bond film of all time, whilst I wouldn’t go this far I must admit it isn’t very far off. For all those who doubted Daniel Craig as Bond, your questions have been answered. Craig has fully established himself as one of the greatest Bond’s of all time and Skyfall is a future classic.

Skyfall provides Bond with some more iconic moments to add to its repertoire, a tense game of William Tell with Raoul Silva; the films frightening villain, some fantastic one liners and great exchanges and some tender closing scenes that will stick in the memory of Bond fans forever.

The real star of this movie is Judi Dench, her relationship with Bond throughout the movie really adds some depth to the character and gives a new side to a character which we have known for the last 50 years, an impressive feat by anyone’s standards.

Verdict: Bond is back and he’s at his best. Skyfall has been rightfully hailed as the greatest Bond movie in recent years. One of the best movies of 2012. Rating: *****

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