Review: Taken 2

Taken 2, a review.

Four years on and those infamous words are brought back to the forefront of our minds,

“I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you”.

It seems like only yesterday when Liam Neeson, our new favourite CIA agent, was rescuing his captured daughter from those treacherous human traffickers. If you can cast your minds back to producer Luc Besson and director Olivier Megaton’s 2008 thriller, Taken, you may recall the bloody massacres and the torture techniques – electrocution being one of them, if I remember rightly – practiced by Neeson, the hero of the film.  

If you want more of the gore and bloodshed, then this sequel is not for you. From a classified 15, the sequel to Taken, Taken 2, has for a reason unknown to all been classified as a 12a… Like all films that drop there age limits down to gain more viewers (revenue), the little that was exciting about this new raved-about, action-packed thriller, has gone. Instead of blood, we get loose debris. Instead of torturing, well, we get more torturing, but only that that is torturous to us.

For a film that could be wrapped up in the space of about ten minutes, ninety was painfully too much. The Turkish families of those killed in Taken want revenge. Against all the odds, this time Neeson is captured. Liam, whilst tied up, and temporarily left unattended, manages to call his daughter, instruct her to throw a few of his grenades in the air in order to find his whereabouts, his daughter saves him, and they’re reunited – Mum included.

From a far-fetched plot, with a memorable few lines by Liam Neeson, to an even farther-fetched plot, with no memorable lines (but still Liam Neeson) and this time no torture-victims, Id like to think this is the bitter sweet end to Liam and his families’ every-day issues.


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