Babyy it’s cold outside…And our fetish for faux fur begins…

Babyy it’s cold outside…. And our fetish for faux fur begins…

Faux fur is one of the easiest ways to achieve looking chic and to keep warm, Hurrah! This trend is everywhere right now and with so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a look that you love.

How to Wear Fur…

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Fur for the Faint hearted

Find fur a little O.T.T and daunting? If this is you, opt for something subtle and choose from loose faux fur pieces; they are perfect for accessorising any outfit! Nothing says Gossip Girl more than slick fur collars and smart fur cuffs, like Rebecca (*left*) she rocked her fur with a leather jacket and metallic skirt. This look is easy to achieve with a simple shoulder fur piece. There are loads of adorable pieces out there; from fur headpieces, to earmuffs and hand muffs, this is defiantly fur at its cutest. It’s surprisingly versatile and trust us, they will be a godsend this winter! If it’s good enough for Blake Lively…


Fur for the Fashionista

Be bang on trend by ticking off two major winter trends, Leopard Print and Fur and go for a statement leopard fur coat. This sassy look is sure to turn heads-Model, Kate Moss is a major fan of this style. For that extra oomph wear a red lip and dark eyeliner for a sultry nighttime look. To avoid looking trashy, hello Deidre Barlow, go easy on the face make-up. Fur is also great news for the Made in Chelsea style lovers, as it goes hand in hand with this seasons heritage trend, so team up your fur with a tweed jacket to get the posh girl look. Another classic choice is the long fur coat; this snug in a rug look features a roomy collar. Royal navy blues and rich burgundy colours are great for this elegant look, attaching a vintage jeweled broach will give even Kate Middleton a run for her money.


Fur for the Fearless-

Think big bird from Sesame Street, grab yourself a feathery fur coat, (the fluffier the better) and pick a bright colour to perfect the look. The high street is full of coloured fur that is sure to brighten up your winter wardrobe. A purple, orange or blue fur jacket will make you stand out from the crowd. Keep everything else minimal though, (remember you don’t actually want to look like big bird!) black leggings and studded boots polish off this fun look. For the night time, sequins are a girl’s best friend in this Christmas party season, so go for a black fur jacket, disco American Apparel leggings, block heels and go big on the eyes, so crack open the glitter eye makeup! Otherwise, to really get into the fur trend, kit yourself out like a Yeti with the works, this look was hosted on catwalk shows like Valentino, so don’t be afraid to double or even triple up on fur items.

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