The rise of the Scouse Brow

Ahh the Scouse brow. A make up trend that is mocked by many and enjoyed by few. Since the term was coined last year on the reality television series, Desperate Scousewives; it has drawn attention to anyone who has dabbled with an eyebrow pencil

For anyone who may be unaware what a Scouse brow actually is, I’ll give you a quick little rundown.

  • Take 2 eyebrows that are perfectly plucked.
  • Choose a very dark eyebrow pencil or eye shadow.
  • Emphasise their structure and colour those bad boys in. Like a facial colouring book.

And voila! You have what has now become known as a Scouse brow. A very dramatic and interesting look to say the least. The big brows isn’t a style that is exclusive to women. For those of you who have been watching this years X Factor will have seen that Rylan has jumped on the bandwagon and is working a rather fetching pair of eyebrows, that are entirely different to the ones he was modelling at his audition a few months ago.

Drawing eyebrows on isn’t a style thing that only cropped up last year. For years people on the runway have been working thick, lustrous brows, causing brow envy to anyone whose eyebrows have been left in tatters by some crazy beautician who thinks it’s appropriate to bring back the high arched and sparse eyebrows. For anyone who has been subtlety penciling in their eyebrows for a while has been thrown into the Scouse brow category. Suddenly in the mornings you could find yourself walking past a mirror, doubting whether your eyebrows are too thick today, and wondering if people are secretly mocking you behind your back. Drawing your eyebrows on isn’t always a bad thing though, it allows you to have the a variety of different expressions for each day. Don’t like Mondays? Then why not experiment with some angry brows. Got a deadline on Wednesday? They why not some anxious brows. It’s not all bad.

Alas, it appears to be a trend that is not fading as fast as what some people would hope. The days of thin and over plucked brows are well and truly a thing of the past. And if you’re not lucky enough to have a fantastic pair of brows, then all you can do is colour them and hope that no one accuses you of a Scouse brow. (Hint: if you’re going to draw them on, make sure it’s a colour that matches your hair. To the girl I saw the other day with blonde hair and thick black brows, it really isn’t working for you). 

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