Keep Calm and Carry On!

Shopping centres at Christmas time are like battlefields amidst war. Elbowing through customers, grappling for the best bargains; we are all in combat with one another whether we like it or not. With the recession continuing to loom over us, everyone is trying to get their hands on the best deals that the shops have to offer. Although this is good news for businesses, it means that we poor, innocent shoppers must buckle up our boots and simply get on with it. Or, is it finally time to take a stand?!

For years we Brits have been known for our endless endurance in queues; how we can simply stand by and wait for what feels like an indefinite period of time, just to eventually be greeted with a grouchy sales assistant who expresses about as little joy over our presence as humanly possible. Our ability to queue is a mannerism which is rarely seen across shores (in fact, it makes us seem somewhat of a joke to other countries!) so it’s no wonder that Monday 5th of this month was named the busiest day in terms of online shopping. But let’s face it, why wouldn’t it be? When the choice is between a crowded shop full of perspiring customers and a spot on the sofa with a cuppa, it’s no surprise that most of us will choose the latter!

However if you are feeling brave enough to delve into a shopping centre, there is only one way to survive… Find an ally! Be it a friend or family member, the best way to face the arduous queues is to have a friendly face by your side. Besides, it couldn’t help to have someone watching your back while wrestling a fellow shopper for that perfect party dress…

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