Is technology our ultimate BFF, Best Friend Forever?

We are the generation of the phones, laptops, and social networks but we are also the generation of the over worked, over stressed and overweight. Since technology has hit mankind, human beings have neglected themselves and ignored each other. It has slowly robbed us of our daily life and sucked the fun out of exploring and experimenting.

Yes, it really does seem to be our BFF, it helped us through thick and thin, been with us through the good times and bad, it allows us to do what we want and keeps us connected to our actual human best friends. We are so addicted to it, that we cannot live without it for even 30 minutes.

Have you really thought about the effects it has on us? The speed at which we get a message is incredible, but isn’t it because of this incredibility our workload has increased dramatically. Your boss has new ways to let you know what else needs to be done within the next day, be the task realistic or not. Due to this, our blood pressures have soared and anxiety levels have amplified. Is this the characteristic of a best friend and do you want this forever?

Think of the effects it has on our bodies. All people seem to do is sit at home work on their computers or play video games, leaving reality far behind. The impact of this is we’re becoming lazier and fatter. If it wasn’t for our BFF, obesity would definitely decrease, people would actually have to get up and go out to do their shopping or meet their friends instead of using technological means. A little fresh air and walking never hurt anyone.

Due to the lack of ‘real life experience’ people are becoming incredibly unsocial, so much so that they no longer know how to interact with humans face to face. Let me tell you about my friend who came over for dinner in the presence of my parents. During dinner she had her phone on her (not that this is a problem) but as my parents were asking her questions she received a text at the same time. The courteous thing to do would be maybe check who the text is from, but then leave it at that. However my friend decided to reply to the text first whilst my parents were talking to her! They were left hanging until she had finished texting and then was constantly texting at the dinner table. I’m sorry but does the reign of technology mean we lose our manners. It seems to be case with so many people. We only seem to crave what the world of technology gives us, so can it really be blamed for our obsession, aren’t we supposed to be the intelligent ones.

I’m not saying technology is all bad. Of course it’s the means for me to be writing this and for you to be reading this. But we are becoming slaves of the cyber world, there’s not a day where we don’t use technology. So maybe there needs to be a technology DETOX DAY. Like some time away from your friends. A day to just relax without your phones or computers, perhaps a lovely day out where you actually talk to people, a peaceful walk in the park, or baking a cake, something, just that one thing that will let us be controllers of our own lives again.

We no longer value the beauty of nature or the simple things.  I’m sorry to break it to you, but people will not be half as impressed with your gizmo’s and gadgets as they will be with your social demeanour. So try it, leave your BFF behind for a day!

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