12 Days of Christmas: Four Calling Birds

On the fourth day of Christmas Yuppee gave to me Four Calling Birds, (Three French Men, Two Turtle-necks and a Partridge in a Pear Tree).

The twitterati, chirping up whether it’s for breaking news, daily inspiration, or even just a quick laugh. And everyone has their favourites, so we’ve listed ours below; they are our four calling birds.

Hilary Alexander @HilaryAlexander 

Oh! Hilary Alexander, the much-beloved former fashion editor of the UK’s daily Telegraph. With a twitter following of 239,377 (and counting) and opinions on footballStrictly Come Dancing and politics, among other things, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Hilary Alexander is one of fashion’s most powerful women.  Her unrivalled passion and deep knowledge of the industry make her the perfect bird to follow with the likes of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld on her speed dial.

In her own words: “Fashion and style news from the @Telegraph, by Hilary Alexander and the @TeleFashion Team”
Followers: 239,377
Total tweets: More than 9,249
Following: 203
Average number of tweets per day: 13




Derek Blasberg @DerekBlasberg 

The lovely Derek Blasberg. Harper’s Bazaar answer to Ro-Pat; but you don’t get bitten, you get smitten. This fashion writer, editor and New York times best selling author is the editor at large of Harper’s Bazaar and senior editor of V magazine and VMan. Blasberg has also made contributions to Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, TeenVogue, The Wall Street Journal Magazine and The London Sunday Times. He dispenses advice on everything from table manners to tattoos in cheeky quips — giving us ladies a thoroughly modern guide to living.

In his own words: “Mr Blasberg has entered the blogosphere:”
Followers: 103,754
Total tweets: More than 8,340
Following: 220
Average number of tweets per day: 8




Jai’me Jan @jaimelondonboy 

Boy does Jai’me Jan meet fashion; he sleeps it, eats it, breathes it. As a prolific fashion blogger, Jai’me Jan is a London boy who loves the arts, fashion and photography. The dicky-bow-wearing fashionista really ticks all the boxes for us because not only is his style impeccable  but his photography / video skills are most excellent. The fashion insider has been featured in The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan magazine and Harrods to name a few. His charming chirps have been short-listed for awards, including the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

In his own words: “Editor of . I eat, sleep & breathe fashion. Love the arts. Named as the 8th Top Fashion Insider by Daily Telegraph.
Followers: 4,112
Total tweets: More than 85,105
Following: 593
Average number of tweets per day: 35



Sasha Wilkins @LibertyLndnGirl

Sasha Wilkins, aka Liberty London Girl, is not your run-of-the-mill blogger. With experience at the top of mastheads in London and New York for titles such as the Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast Traveller, her insight and industry know-how makes her Twitter feed a must-read. People often think they know Sasha Wilkins better than they do. She’s a style journalist, editor and broadcaster, a public speaker, trends consultant and model – all of which was started in a Devil Wears Prada role.

In her own words: “Sasha Wilkins. Writer, fashion editor, blogger. Social media & brand consultant. English often-exile. Lover of cake.”
Followers: 73,413
Total tweets: More than 26,950
Following: 1,267
Average number of tweets per day: 45



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