Christmas Day: A Gift Review

Christmas is one of the most commercial times of the year, a time for companies to hide their pressure selling behind the guise of the happiness of family and friends. Yet some of the most meaningful gifts passed between people this year was probably those carrying sentimental value or those that have clearly been given the most thought. So in fact maybe the happiness of friends and family this year does not stem from the amount that’s been spent or the size of the box but rather the time it took to produce, thus the handmade gift should be pioneered.

Under the tree lay vouchers and trainers, laptops and phones but the gift that gained the most attention was a handmade marvel comic table. With money being thrown in all directions in the weeks leading up to St. Nicholas’ big day the humble table paled into insignificance in terms of how much it cost but the appreciation it received made most other presents obsolete which is a high accolade when dealing with a teenage boy.

Such gratitude leads me to wonder why it is necessary to buy into the large corporation idealism of Christmas. Instead of buying that pre-made ASDA photo centre album, why not create your own? Rather than wandering round and round shopping centres in despair, why not base your present on a far more sentimental notion? There’s no doubt that receiving something for the holiday season that you’ve long been lusting after is a satisfying moment but it seems far better to play commercialisation at its own game. Buying that which you actually desired as opposed to that which society deems to be desirable.

Every gift given should be gratefully received and the idea wouldn’t be to boycott Christmas or for individuals to martyr themselves like a ‘Scrooge’, rather when entering into the Christmas spirit and spreading Christmas cheer do it with sentiment, affection and the recipient in mind without being bogged down by adverts, forced ideals and the belief that corporations have a better idea of what society wants that its citizens do.

Christmas is considered to be a time to show people how much they mean to each other (generally through extravagant gifts and delectable food) but the hope would be that admiration is expressed year-wide not just on one occasion. After all, friends and family are for life, not just for Christmas.

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