New Year’s Resolutions: What’s The Point?

It’s that time of year when champagne induced hangovers have faded and we have said fond farewells to old and tired 2012, in exchange for the new and shiny 2013. We face this new year bleary eyed and hopeful, nervously anticipating new possibilities and ventures as we re-model ourselves as new, shiny and apparently ‘better’ people.

We all promise to finally use that gym membership we bought, to drink less and quit smoking. We promise to call our parents more and fight with our siblings less. We promise to be more tolerant of people in general and perform frequent random acts of kindness. We all promise these things and more, but who can honestly, hand on heart, say they have kept to their resolutions? I can’t. Most New Year’s resolutions fail by February when the novelty wears off or we simply can’t say no to that third piece of chocolate cake or glass of Pinot Grigio.

This year I have made one resolution: not to make resolutions.

I could make these promises I never intend to keep and simply end up disappointing myself three weeks down the line. Why do we make these resolutions anyway? I am not perfect, but I have no intention of re-inventing myself just because society tells me I should change something about myself as part of this New Year’s tradition.

I have spent 21 years becoming the person I am today and in all honesty I’m rather happy with myself. I like drinking too many cocktails and having two helpings of dinner. I get annoyed by small things and I am partial to the occasional cigarette at the pub. A person’s quirks and habits are what make them an individual, if we were all pure perfect human beings life would be awfully dull.

In an ideal world this year I will graduate with a first class degree and be offered my dream job, as well as winning the lottery. Oh and obviously Michael Bublé will come to his senses and leave his wife for me as well. Obviously.

Jokes aside though, 2013 will be a good year but I will embrace it with all my flaws. If something needs to change it will, regardless of the date. The 1st of January is just a date, if you want to make a resolution who’s to say it can’t be on the 3rd May? Or the 27th August? It’s not the date; it’s the intention that counts. So enjoy 2013 and embrace the old you, as I fully intend to.

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