Book Review: The Help – Kathryn Stockett

Despite it’s very serious themes of segregation, extreme racism and discrimination, Stockett’s very first novel has proved to be a strangely humorous read!

It’s rare to find a story that tackles such sensitive issues and can still make you laugh-out-loud – and within another 10 pages have you curling your hands into fists of fury. Despite this, it all seems to be here in this bestselling book by the Jackson, Mississippi born and raised author.

This profound story is based around 3 characters: Aibileen, Minnie and Skeeter. The 3 women have little in common, Aibileen and Minnie are friends and attend the same “black” church – Skeeter is a “white” girl who dreams of being a journalist. However, through a strange and risky series of events, they get together to write a very original book that describes the experiences of black maids – they called it Help. Living in a town like Jackson and doing such things was dangerous for every one involved – it being fulled by discrimination, making the creating of the book so tricky that it was almost impossible. But, through their story, some light is shed on the issue of black maids.

Insightful and brilliantly written, you will not want to put this down once you’ve started it. It’s funny, serious and relatable – basically everything you need in a good book.

If you’ve seen the film, featuring the brilliant actress Emma Stone, and enjoyed it, then you’ll love the book as (in most cases) it’s even better. Whether you’ve heard of this (what I’d like to call) instant classic, or not, I suggest to any reader interested in human culture and the past of segregation to buy this immediately! I can almost predict that you’ll love it!


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